WSON AM/FM Broadcast Schedule

5:00-5:59 am America in the Morning offering up-to-the-minute news reporting from around the country and the globe, with all the latest overnight developments!

5:59 am National Anthem

6:00 am         National News
6:02 am          Statewide News from Ky News Network
6:03 am          Local News Headlines
6:04 am          WSON Morning Show w/ Steve Tow
6:06 am Hymn of the Day M-F
6:20 am          Stock Market preview with MarketWatch M-F
6:25 am.        Local Sports
6:28 am          KNN Sports
6:30 am          Local News Headlines
6:45 am          Live Farm Report w/ UK College of Agriculture (Tues & Thurs.)
6:45 am          Kyndle Konnection (Weds. Only)
6:52 am          Morning Sports
7:00 am          National News
7:05 am          Statewide News from KNN
7:08 am          Local News Headlines
7:15 am          Comprehensive Weather Map and Stats
7:20 am          Community items & local birthdays
7:25 am          Local Sports
7:30 am          Henderson Report of local news, traffic and local obituaries
7:58 am         

8:00 am          National News
8:02 am Profile America from the US Census Bureau M-F
8:07 am          Speak-Up, live call-in public affairs program M-F
8:38 am          Anniversary Announcements
8:45 am    Wedding Planning w/ Pem (Tues., Thurs. Sat Only)

9:00 am          National News
9:01 am Statewide News from KNN
9:03 am          Local News Headlines
9:06 am          Classic Hits

10:00 am     National News
10:01 am Statewide News from KNN
10:03 am         Local News Headlines
10:06 am         Classic Hits

11:00 am         National News
11:01 am Statewide News from KNN
11:03 am         Local News Headlines
11:06 am         Classic Hits

12 Noon          National News
12:02 pm         Statewide News from KNN
12:05 pm         Henderson Report of local news and obituaries
12:20 pm         Stock Market update from MarketWatch
12:23 pm         Mid-day Farm Markets w/ Jeff Nally M-F
12:25 pm        Mid-day Sports
12:30 pm         Classic Hits

1 & 2 pm       National News
1:01 & 2:01 pm Statewide News from KNN
1:03, 2:03 pm    Local News Headlines
1:04, 2:04        Classic Hits

3:00 pm National News
3:02 pm Statewide News from KNN
3:04 pm Local News Headlines
3:05 pm 3 TO 5 LIVE with Steve Tow

4:00 pm          National News
4:02 pm          Statewide News from KNN
4:05 pm          Henderson Report of local news and obituaries
4:20 pm          Closing Stock Market report from MarketWatch
4:23 pm          Closing Farm Markets w/ Jeff Nally M-F
4:30 pm          Local Sports report
4:40 pm          3 TO 5 LIVE with Steve Tow

5:00 pm         National News
5:01 pm         Statewide News from KNN
5:03pm          Local News Headlines
5:04pm          Classic Hits

6:00 pm         National News
6:01 pm    Statewide News from KNN
6:03 pm         Local News Headlines

7:00 pm-4:00 am  Enjoy Classic Hits  plus National News at the top of the hour M-Sun

Sunday Morning Programming

7:00 am  Day 1

7:30 am Live Broadcast of the 7:30 Mass at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church
8:30 am  Sing for Joy
9:00 am  7th Street Baptist Church
10:00 am Music & The Spoken Word
10:30 am Baptist Hour
11:00 am Live Broadcast from the First Baptist Church


Revised 3/15/19