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Warning Reception via NOAA Weather Radio and Mobile Phone Alerts…NWS

Warning Reception via NOAA Weather Radio and Mobile Phone Alerts…NWS

Bill Stephens, Web Editor

September 28th, 2016


NOAA Weather Radio, the voice of the National Weather Service,
broadcasts continuous weather and other hazard information 24
hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can access round-the-clock weather reports, warnings, and
other information to help prepare for the day ahead over NOAA
Weather Radio. During emergencies, routine broadcasts are
interrupted for watches, warnings, and other critical information.
You will sleep better knowing that your family can receive
emergency weather information no matter what time it occurs.

All families, businesses, churches, and individuals should have a
NOAA weather radio to ensure they receive warnings.

Make sure the weather radio you purchase has SAME code
capabilities. SAME (Specific Area Messaging Encoding) allows
programmers to enter the 6-digit code of the counties for which
you want to be warned.

You should also remember to keep your unit “on” at all times,
change out batteries twice a year (for ease of remembering, change
them when you change the time on your clocks in the spring and
fall), and keep it plugged into a power outlet unless moving to
your designated safe place.

Another excellent way to receive weather warnings is via mobile
phone alerts. America`s wireless industry is helping to build a
“Weather Ready Nation” through a nationwide text emergency alert
system, called Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), which will warn
you when weather threatens. You can find much more information on
this at:


For severe weather preparedness information see:


You can also learn more by contacting your local emergency
management office.

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